Global Warming By Any Other Name…

Man-made ‘global-warming’, ‘climate change’, ‘climate disruption’, or whatever the hell the left wants to call their ignorance — makes no difference, it’s still nothing more than a means to a political end — was shown for the hoax that it is at the recent International Conference on Climate Change. One of the best sessions featured… (more)

Proud To Be An American?

A recent Pew poll found 60% of “solid liberals” are not proud to be Americans. This comes as no surprise, but you have to wonder just what nation would these liberals be proud to be citizens of? Furthermore, why aren’t they citizens of those nations they prefer to America? Could it be they are really… (more)

Civil Rights vs. Civil Liberty

The recent SC decision has struck a collective nerve. The ensuing tantrum by the left following the Hobby Lobby SC decision would be disingenuous if it wasn’t so true to an anti-American, ideological position. The left argues that the reproductive rights of all women trump the religious freedom of all employers. When applied to everyday… (more)

Who Knew The Feds Were Bigots?

President Obama announced he’ll sign an executive order banning discrimination against LBGT workers by federal contractors. Did you know federal contractors were discriminating against LBGT workers? Did you know that federal contractors were exempt from the current labor laws on the books against discrimination of this sort? Me neither. Good on the President for cleaning… (more)

When Progressives Attack

Progressive disdain for America and American culture doesn’t get much more blatant than the examples linked below. One, if not the only, benefit of a leftwing media machine parroting the democrat party talking points is the false sense of having public opinion firmly on the side of democrats. This allows the left to speak slightly… (more)

SCOTUS Will Define Marriage

Given society’s hypersensitivity to sexuality and the emotions which disallow any consideration of even the most reasoned explanations of marriage, it appears marriage will have its legal definition decided by the US Supreme Court. Many states have voted to preserve and protect marriage from progressive efforts to deconstruct it, only to have those majority votes… (more)

Gun Control Is Necessary – Part 2

The tragedy in Santa Barbara, CA is yet another example of our gov’ts failure to act. We’ve had how many shootings where the murderer is mentally ill? And yet nothing has been done to see that these folks aren’t allowed to purchase firearms. In all the recent shootings by mentally ill murderers, all legally purchased… (more)

Gun Control Is Necessary

Gun control advocates love to tell Americans what guns they do and do not need. They use words which sound scary like “assault weapon” to describe guns that look scary to them regardless of how they actually function. But when it comes to the military style and function of the weapons non-military departments of gov’t… (more)

It’s Not Getting Any Better

Despite the trendiness of homosexuality, it continues to breed only disease — and that at such a disproportionate rate that even the CDC has, and continues to sound the alarm. How much longer will we bury our collective heads in the sand? How much disproportionate disease and rate of infection will it take to force… (more)

Progressive Putridity

You may have heard about Mozilla’s CEO forced to resign over his 6 year old contribution of $1000 to the Proposition 8 campaign in California. The same proposition that passed with 52% of the vote. Despite the “progress” that has many believing they have travelled to a point in time where humanity has evolved beyond… (more)

What Are Americans To Make Of All This?

More and more often reports like this surface. It seems odd and well, at the risk of sounding clichéd, Orwellian. Your thoughts?

Irrational Fear

Morality and those who stake any religious claim to it are the objects of irrational fear in our “progressive” culture. The very same mass hysteria that has been responsible for many of the most irrational and senseless behaviors history ever recorded is stirring and the examples are everywhere. Sensitivities run ridiculously high. Today, if you… (more)

“Wolf, Wolf” — Not Really

Sadly, the attention received from alleged “hate” crimes is too alluring for many to resist. The fame and notoriety offered by a lapdog leftwing media is waiting for anyone with a story that can be partially told or in some cases, just vehemently defended. We all remember Matthew Shepard. The homosexual young man brutally beaten… (more)

Infertility vs. Impossibility

When proponents of marriage cite the potential for procreation as a difference that distinguishes the union of a man and woman from the union of a same sex couple, the response is almost always that “procreation is not required for marriage” or “should an infertile man and woman not be allowed to marry?”. Bot of… (more)

Apple Don’t Want Conservative’s Money

Apple say keep your money to all us AGW deniers. To which maybe we should say, keep your product, Apple. I’ve enjoyed Apple products myself, but hey, if Apple don’t want my money that’s cool. I’ll just buy and invest in companies that do. He leads a company that some would consider the epitome of… (more)

O’Keefer’s Uncover Democrat Fraud

You’d think these liberals would have learned their lesson, but no. Dems will be Dems and they love them some election fraud.

Sincere Belief Gone Sincerely Wrong

Many have likely heard the Pentecostal Pastor and notorious snake handler featured on National Geographics died from a poisonous snake bite after refusing medical attention. Pastor Jamie Coots survived 8 previous bites, but not without difficulty. A previous bite cost him a finger. There is no doubt Pastor Coots sincerely believed that God would honor… (more)

Nothing Says “Be Mine” Like An Abortion For Valentine’s

Looking for the right gift for your soul-mate? Well consult none other than Cecile Richards who offers up this little gem. That’s right give the gift that take a life this valentine’s day — give an abortion. Liberals are sick.

Virginia Court Gets It Wrong

Surprise! An Obama appointee, Judge Arenda Wright Allen, gets the ruling wrong, the constitution wrong, and Jefferson wrong all in one “historic” decision. The ruling is justified by presumptions that are inaccurate. “All men are created equal” — DOI, Jefferson. This is true. But that all are created equal does not mean that people are… (more)

Obamacare — Job Killer, Labor Killer, or Both

Big Gov’t loving leftists were quick to defend Obamacare against the CBO’s report that over 2 million Americans who would otherwise be employed, will not be and that in response to Obamacare. “The act (Obamacare) creates a disincentive for people to work,” Elmendorf — Head of CBO Some media outlets have come to the defense… (more)

What the Unemployment Rate Really Represents

With the fuzzy math used to calculate the UR (unemployment rate) by the Federal Gov’t, the rate has come to more accurately represent the shrinking job market than the number of unemployed. With every reduction in the number of Americans in the market for a job, the UR has dropped respectively. A drop in the… (more)

Epic Fail — Obamacare

Obamacare will cost another 2 million jobs in America. But hey, on the bright side, at least the unemployment rate could drop with another 2 million Americans out of the market. Obamacare will push the equivalent of about 2 million workers out of the labor market by 2017 as employees decide either to work fewer… (more)

“Yes We Can’t” — Obamacare, The Big Lie

When the President and his democrat cohorts in gov’t crammed Obamacare down the throat of Americans, we were told it would improve care and cover those without insurance. Well, it’s no surprise it wasn’t true. Children are being denied treatment under Obamacare.

Isn’t It Time We Confront Reality?

Another year passes and the same reality goes ignored by “progressives”. The CDC has once again concluded that homosexuality is hazardous to one’s mental and physical health. Some of the information provided includes the following: •Certain behaviors- such as not using condoms regularly and having anal sex – increase STD risk. “Anyone who has sex… (more)

Consequences of Deconstructing Traditional Family — in North Dakota

Is a person legally united — I refuse to acknowledge same sex unions as anything more — in one state, still legally united in another? Not in every case. A man may be legally joined to another man in one state and yet move to a state like ND and there obtain a marriage license… (more)

Ignorance is Bliss?

While “progressives” have had success promoting homosexuality to an “acceptable” and “normal” place in society, homosexuals themselves continue to face the consequences of it — and for the most part, alone. Society has all but forsaken homosexuals for self-acceptance and self-appreciation that apparently blinds them to the consequences of homosexuality, or for fear of the… (more)

Send A Clear Message to the GOP — Register Independent

Want to send a message to the GOP? May I suggest registering as an Independent voter. I’ve been a registered republican voter for 26 years, but not any more. Today I registered without party affiliation, or independent. For some time now the GOP has failed to consistently represent conservatism and instead opted to blur the… (more)

Obama Invested In Shutdown

Not only did Obama attempt to override Congress’ Constitutional powers with his ultimatum to pass a clean CR or face a shutdown, but his game plan includes making it hurt in every way possible. Obama has used his administration’s discretion to inflict as much discomfort as he can during his shutdown. His misuse of the… (more)

Who Shut it Down?

Democrats want us all to believe that republican’s unwillingness to pass a budget which includes Obamacare funding is what shut the gov’t down. But the premise underlying this blame was constructed by the President and Mr. Reid. They had issued the ultimatum — Pass a fully funded resolution or else. Thanks to Sen. Cruz, Republicans… (more)

2013: No Ice Free Arctic

Climate scientists who have heralded the call of ‘Global Warming’ or ‘Climate Change’ should be embarrassed, their credibility lost, and their political ideology exposed. Yet again, another dire warming prediction has not only failed, but the exact opposite has betrayed these scientists prophets. The arctic not only remains covered in ice, contrary to scientific predictions… (more)

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