Is it Conservative to Cut Military Spending?

Not National Defense readiness, but excessive military spending. The assumption being made is that current military spending and planning exceeds the need for national defense. If the founders were correct, an adequate defense could be called up from among the population. This militia needed to be “well regulated”, that is trained and disciplined, ready to perform. Sounds a lot like modern day reserves. Times have changed and an adequate air, land and sea defense probably requires more than reserves, but how much more? The conservative belief in limited government does not stop at the military’s doorstep. Limited government means limited in its size and scope — even militarily. Given the trend in American government of increasing power, scope and influence the argument for limited government should apply especially to the military. Keep in mind that our founders believed the second amendment was more than adequate a defense against tyranny foreign or domestic. A military properly trained, equipped and limited to America’s national defense needs should be the ideal.

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